Clesh Video Editor 1.116

Source:Forbidden Technologies plc

Frame accurate Cloud video editor for Android. YouTube + Facebook® publishing.

* The ultimate Cloud video editor. Shoot / edit / publish on Android. Extra features through PC or Mac computers via your web browser.

Free on-line hints and tips through the in-app chat (the icon with the two people and the speech bubble).

Main uses of the Clesh video editing software:
* Share your photos
* Share stills from your videos
* Share clips from your videos
* Edit your video and photos together and share your video stories
* Publish to YouTube
* Publish to Facebook®
* Keep copies of your edited videos on your tablet or smartphone

Recently added to Android version:
* Publishing direct to YouTube

Create masterpieces from your videos and photos: identify all the best bits, and use the storyboard to build the flow. Frame accurate editing lets you get the cuts exactly right. Drag the result to a publish icon to transfer it to Facebook® or download to your Android device.

Novices can take photos and select chosen frames from videos. Drag them to the Facebook® icon to share with friends.

Continue editing your video on any internet connected computer, where there are many advanced features available: simply use your Android login at

Clesh has no adverts and doesn’t take copyright over your content. It runs on the world’s most advanced Cloud-based video editing platform, which has already handled over 1, 500, 000 hours of professionally shot content.

Key features available on Android
Drag and drop interface
Cross platform Cloud operation
Uses built in video / stills camera
Frame accurate video editing
Top and tail editing
Storyboard editing
Timeline editing including trimming
Pan and zoom (photos and videos)
Titling (includes background / foreground colour and transparency)
18 real time video transitions
Label clips
Publishing to mobile device
Publishing to Facebook®
Publishing to YouTube
Public and Support chat
Download cache to reduce internet bandwidth
Storage for 30 minutes of video in the Cloud

Log on to your account from your PC / Mac for additional functionality:
Colour correction (black and white levels; saturation; white balance)
Audio levels
Video and audio fades up and down
Title fade in and out
Up to 8 independent audio tracks
Graphic overlay tracks

Some introductory YouTube videos of Clesh running on a smartphone (edited in Clesh):

Part 1: Key background
In the Cloud:
Drag and Drop:
Long press:

Part 2: Screen layout
Source buttons:
Publishing button:
Help buttons:
Play window:
Record window (Storyboard version):
Record window (Timeline version):
Storyboard window:
Timeline window:


After buying the app, register for an account from the login screen. You will then be automatically sent an email with your username and password.

Desktop users can watch some recent videos edited on various Android devices here:

We recommend WiFi access as video files can be quite large; the system also works well over a good 3G connection, if you can afford it!

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